June 1, 2017

86: How to Get Featured in the Media with Hope Brookins

86: How to Get Featured in the Media with Hope Brookins


My guest today built her house from scratch by watching YouTube video tutorials!

Hope Brookins was 17 years old when her family had to leave their home due to a domestic violence situation.

In nine months, her family built a 3,500 square foot home and at the same time rebuilt something more valuable. Their family.

After going from such a traumatic situation to feeling empowered, Hope went on a mission to help inspire others.

Along her journey she worked for former President of the United States Bill Clinton as well as 14 U.S. Congressmen, and many local politicians.

Without consciously realising it she was learning the greatest lessons of branding which would later become her secret weapon.

Her first branding client was her own family. She crafted a plan and within just 48 hours her family’s story travelled around the world.

In less than 2 weeks their story was shared in over 1,000 news outlets in over 65 countries.

Today Hope is a Powerful Publicity Strategist helping people go from obscurity to celebrity.

Here’s a little rap I put together for her …
Through tough times and violent crimes her family read between the lines.

In a desperate situation they were found, they rebuilt their home from the ground.

She went from powerless to powerful. Hopeless to hopeful.
Panick and fear. Losing everything dear.

Crying, drowning in desperation but now she’s become, the inspiration .

So If you wanna demand attention, give yourself an extension.

She’s the master of brand, the grander of grand and she lives in Twitter Land.

She’s the one you go to when your image ain’t dope and you really can’t cope

So it’s no surprise her name… is … Hope.


What you will learn:

  • How to get featured in the media
  • How to craft a compelling story
  • The 7 types of story frameworks
  • How to pitch yourself to contributors
  • The 6 components that cause things to go viral
  • Is it still worth getting featured on TV and Radio
  • What you can learn from President Trump’s campaign
  • The difference between staff writers and contributors
  • … and MUCH MORE

Interesting highlights:

Hope’s #1 practical advice: 

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