July 24, 2019

161: Jaw-Dropping Interview with Robert Kiyosaki

161: Jaw-Dropping Interview with Robert Kiyosaki

I wasn’t going to publish this episode because I had some very mixed feelings about it. 

In the end I went with my gut and decided to release it and let you decide what you think about it. 

12 years ago I read Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki and it left a really big impression on me. I always dreamed of speaking to Robert and letting him know how inspired I was by his book and how it impacted me. 

Well today my dream came true but it wasn’t what I expected. 

Robert has some very strong views and it really came across in this episode. 

I won’t say anything more as I want you the listener to have an unbiased opinion. 

This is by far the most shockingly candid interview I have ever done. 

For those of you with sensitive ears I must warn you that there is some strong language used. 

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Enjoy the show …

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