May 22, 2017

83: Failing My Way to 8 Figures with Noah Kagan

83: Failing My Way to 8 Figures with Noah Kagan


My guest today got fired from Facebook and lost $100 Million which is what his stock would have been worth today!

He also lost $1.7 million worth of stock by walking away from his job at

I would say he’s probably lost more money than all the people I know combined.

And yet he has become a huge success. In fact he has built multiple products that have generated more than 7 figures and has grown his email list to over 700,000 followers

Today Noah Kagan is the Chief Sumo of which offers free tools to help grow website traffic. Oh and by the way he spent $1.5 million to buy the domain!

His blog known as is where he shares his wild obsession with tacos and reveals what has worked for him in business and in life.

Most recently he’s become the host of the ‘Noah Kagan Presents’ podcast show where he chats with other successful entrepreneurs.

I have been a huge fan of Noah for a while and look forward to receiving his witty yet highly enriching emails.

I didn’t think I could do him justice with this intro so I put together a short rap to give him the welcoming he deserves … ok here goes …

He’s a little bit of a Joka and his head looks like it was shaved with a Mowa but he’ll take you out of your self induced coma. He lost it all and fell Lowa and Lowa, before he rose to the top and now he’s got what to show faw. So listen to his advice and he’ll show ya, how to ignite your business like a grenade throwa . He may have got fired but now he’s the Owna.
Stop getting stuck, stop going slowa, pick up the pace and let me introduce to you the one and only .. Noah!


What you will learn:

  • How to surround yourself with people that are great at things  your not
  • How to challenge yourself to get better results
  • How long should you take to validate a business
  • What steps to take to validate your idea
  • How to tap into your existing resources
  • Noah’s $100 challenge
  • Noah’s Coffee challenge
  • My elevator challenge
  • … and MUCH MORE

Interesting highlights:

  • Noah was fired from Facebook which cost him over $100 million
  • Noah has built an email list of over 700,000 and an 8 figure business
  • Noah challenges me at the end of my show

Noah challenged me to write my book by April 10th 2018 or I will give every listener $20

Noah’s #1 practical advice: 

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