March 19, 2019

153: The Insane Growth of with Eran Zinman

153:  The Insane Growth of with Eran Zinman

Can you guess how much $$$ Eran Zinman spent to buy the domain Monday .com?

They currently have over 350,000 users in 141 countries including clients like WeWork, Carlsberg, Wix and Fiverr and are on target to do generate over $100 Million in annual revenue this year and they plan on becoming a platform used by every business on the panet.

He revealed

  • What he learned from spending $7 million a month on ads
  • How they triple their revenue every year
  • How to execute on ideas
  • Why You Should Do Everything In House
  • Why you should Fall in Love with Problems
  • How to Hire the Right People by Asking the Right Questions
  • Why Customer Service is the Best Investment You Can Make
  • What Company Culture Really Is and Why it’s so Important

And MUCH MUCH more ..

Oh and can you guess how much they spent on the domain name


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