May 14, 2017

81: How I went from Homeless to Millionaire by being ‘Stupid’ with Dawnna St Louis

81: How I went from Homeless to Millionaire by being ‘Stupid’ with Dawnna St Louis

My guest today went from being homeless and living out of her car to building and selling her tech consultancy for .. wait for it … quarter of a Billion Dollars!

Dawnna St Louis is one of those people that against all the odds, has come out on top with an insatiable desire to help others get there too.

In fact she is on a mission to help a million business owners become millionaires.

Her business mentor was a veteran FBI Hostage Negotiator who taught her the art of negotiating her way to anything she desired.

As a highly sought after keynote speaker she has entertained, educated and motivated over 100,000 people and delivered her first speech to congress when she was 25 years old.

Dawna has appeared in countless media publications including being featured on the cover of Leading Innovation magazine

Oh and get this ..She is also a member of Mensa’s Genius Club!

It is my pleasure and honor to welcome to you a true fighter, Self made millionaire, Social Entrepreneur, World class international motivational speaker, business mentor, 5 time bestselling author, award winning Visionary, Professional Golfer, certified genius and complete bundle of laughs


What you will learn:

  • How Dawnna survived living in her car for 6 months
  • How Dawnna became a millionaire by being ‘stupid’
  • How to be creative in desperate situations
  • Why Dawnna starts from scratch every year
  • Why you can’t see yourself in the mirror
  • How to find your purpose in life
  • How to get people to take action
  • 3 steps to negotiate like a pro
  • Why money makes you lazy
  • How to stay motivated
  • … and MUCH MORE

Interesting highlights:

  • Dawnna was told to kill herself
  • Dawnna lived in her car for 6 months
  • Dawnna built and sold her consultancy firm for $250 Million

Dawnna’s #1 practical advice: 

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