Jan. 16, 2017

58: Powerless Alcoholic to Powerful Business Woman with Tamara Thompson

58: Powerless Alcoholic to Powerful Business Woman with Tamara Thompson

My guest today runs a Los Angeles based award winning video production company. She has produced, filmed and edited for big named brands like Starbucks and Microsoft.

But behind this success is a dark story.

A story about a young lady who’s life got turned upside down after getting hit by a car which led to serious depression and eventual alcoholism. The story gets darker as she ends up with a jail sentence with seemingly no hope of ever living a normal life.

It’s a story of struggle and redemption. It’s a story of hopelessness and hopefulness. It’s a story of depression and Inspiration.

This ..is.. the story of Tamra Thompson


What you will learn:

  • How to go from being a depressed alcoholic to successful entrepreneur
  • Why you are wasting your life away if you are not following your dreams
  • How storytelling is the most powerful way to build your business
  • How to transform bad habits into positive ones
  • The power of authenticity

Interesting highlights:

  • Tamara was convicted several times for drunk driving
  • At one point Tamara had only $4.00 to her name
  • Tamara’s company is on target to hit a million dollars in revenue this year
  • Tamara is 6 years sober

Tamara’s #1 practical advice: 

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