Jan. 3, 2017

56: From Sleeping in a Restaurant to Owning 55 of them with Greg Walker

56: From Sleeping in a Restaurant to Owning 55 of them with Greg Walker

My guest today was told from a very young age that he was a ‘Big Dreamer’ and in fact was told to drop out of school because he didn’t have a chance at success.

Well this Big Dreamer turned those negative voices into powerful positive action and not only became a millionaire at a young age but was named business person of the year, became an Award Winning International Motivational Speaker, best selling author, highly sought after success coach and one of the most energetic positive balls of energy you will probably ever meet in your life.
Greg Walker otherwise known as ‘The Big Dreamer’ has made it his mission in life to help people change their lives by changing their minds.


What you will learn:

  • How to overcome your biggest fears
  • Why many people dream big but don’t achieve success
  • How Greg made $300,000 in 3 days
  • How Greg went from owning 1 Restaurant to 55
  • Why creating great systems is the key to success
  • How Greg went from not speaking to getting paid $15K to speak

Interesting highlights:

  • Greg watched his father hold a gun to his sister’s head
  • Greg Sold worms to feed his family
  • Greg didn’t speak at all until he was 11 years old
  • Greg’s mentor was the founder of Wendy’s

Greg’s #1 practical advice: 

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