Aug. 4, 2016

37: Networking with Richard Branson and Lady Gaga with Louie La Vella

37: Networking with Richard Branson and Lady Gaga with Louie La Vella

Guess who gave Lady Gaga her first ever TV interview? …  I had no idea either until I found out that it was the very man I am going to be brain picking in this episode!

Today I’ll be picking the brain of entertainment branding expert Louie La Vella

Louie was a former music TV host, interviewing hundreds of a-list celebrities and has now become an entertainment branding expert. He’s responsible for turning dead venues into packed venues, slow ticket sales into sold out shows, independent musicians into major-label-ass-kicking brands.


Louie has helped his clients grow their following from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands!

And what’s really exciting is that he has now taken his branding experience in the entertainment industry and is applying it to many other businesses.


What you will learn:

  • How to build a network that will open unlimited doors for you
  • How to create an awesome  brand that people trust and follow
  • How to forge lasting relationships that will last a lifetime
  • Why business cards are lame and what to use instead
  • Why your network is your networth
  • Why perception is reality

Interesting highlights:

  • Louie shares how he managed to get an interview with Richard Branson
  • Louie talks about how he was the first person to ever interview Lady Gaga
  • I share how I managed to get a $100,000 car for free


Louie’s #1 practical advice: 

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