May 20, 2016

25: He Said “You’re Out” on Shark Tank then Built a $50Million Dollar Empire with Scott Jordan

25: He Said “You’re Out” on Shark Tank then Built a $50Million Dollar Empire with Scott Jordan


As a big fan of Shark Tank I was really excited to pick the brain of Scott Jordan who turned down the sharks and went on to build a highly successful business

Scott is an ex lawyer who escaped the corporate passionless grind to become a tech entrepreneur and is now the CEO and founder of a $50 Million Dollar Pocket Empire, SCOTT-e-VEST a revolutionary clothing company that infuses ground breaking designs with specially engineered pockets.
Scott and his company have been featured on Shark Tank, Forbes, Inc, Wired, The new York Times among many others.
Scott is also the author of a top rated book called Pocketman

And of course he loves his POODLES!


What you will learn:

  • Why Scott told the ‘Sharks’ on Shark Tank “Your’e Out!”
  • How Scott saved over a million dollars by being smart
  • How Scott got Steve Wozniak on his advisory board
  • Why perseverance is key when starting a business
  • How to get people to talk about your company
  • Why Scott shares his personal cell phone number on his company website

Interesting highlights:

  • Scott shares the reason he felt free when his dad died
  • Scott shares why he left a 6 figure salary to follow his passion
  • Scott shares a funny story of how he met the founder of The North Face


Scott’s #1 practical advice: 

Resources & Links:

Get in touch with Scott on Twitter – @ScottevestCEO

Scott’s personal email:

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