May 15, 2016

24: Content is King and This Guy is the King of Content with Darren Murph

24: Content is King and This Guy is the King of Content with Darren Murph

Content is king and in this episode I pick the brains of the Guinness Book Of World Records holder for writing almost 7 million words of content.

Darren Murph is the founder and CEO of Page52 consulting. But he’s not just any ordinary consultant. He has spent over a decade working remotely and has visited over 40 countries!

Darren has been featured on major networks including Oprah, ABC, PBS and NBC to name a few.

And his latest adventure on his journey has led him to publish a book called ‘Living The Remote Dream’


What you will learn:

  • How to consistently produce great content
  • How to avoid spending too much time consuming content
  • How to proactively curate content to consume
  • The importance of reading on a daily basis
  • Should you write on your blog or other platforms
  • How do you produce content that stands out
  • How to get the most exposure for your content
  • Why passion is the most crucial contributing factor to your success

Interesting highlights:

  • Darren has visited over 40 countries
  • Darren won a Guinness World Record for writing over 6 million words of blog content
  • Darren spent 8 years never spending more than 2 weeks in one place!


Darren's #1 practical advice: 


Resources & Links:


Get in touch with Darren on Twitter - @darrenmurph


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