March 14, 2016

14: Sold for $42 Million Sending Emails with Dean Levitt

14: Sold for $42 Million Sending Emails with Dean Levitt


Did you know that email marketing is still the most effective way to grow your business?

In this episode I pick the brains of Dean Levitt, ex Co-Founder of Mad Mimi. An email marketing platform that was acquired by Go Daddy for … wait for it … $42 million! Dean has now launched Teacup Analytics, which provides powerful tools that helps you gain clarity with your Google Analytics Data.

What you will learn:

  • Why giving away things for free will help you earn more money
  • How to grow your business with no marketing
  • Why email marketing is still the most effective form of marketing
  • The easiest way to stay out of the dreaded spam box
  • Why you should NEVER buy an email list
  • Why your email list is your most valuable asset
  • How to get more people to open your emails
  • How to get the highest click through rates
  • How many links should you have in an email
  • Why you should offer only one option as opposed to many
  • How often should you send out emails
  • Why Email is way more powerful than Social Media
  • How to understand your website audience using Google Analytics
  • Why it’s absolutely crucial to get legal advice when starting a business
  • Should you focus on an exit strategy


Interesting highlights:

  • Dean grew up on a farm in a place I can’t pronounce!
  • Dean spent 3 years living in Hawaii
  • Dean started his business out of a coffee shop
  • Dean’s company reached  his first $5 million without spending any money on marketing
  • Find out what Dean did the day after he sold his company for $42 Million!


Dean’s #1 practical advice: 

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