Nov. 23, 2017

115: How to Become the Most Connected Person in the Room with Jayson Gaignard

115: How to Become the Most Connected Person in the Room with Jayson Gaignard

My guest today went from making 7 million dollars a year in sales to being quarter of a million dollars in debt but that didn’t stop him from pursuing his dreams!

Jayson Gaignard is today known as one of the most connected guys on the planet.

His invitation only mastermindtalks conference has a lower acceptance rate than Harvard and speakers have included Tim Ferriss, James Altucher, Guy Kawasaki and Gary Vaynerchuk to name a few.


He’s also an author and host of the mastermind talks podcast show.


As always I have prepared a short rap to introduce my guest. Here goes.

Running from the debt collector now he’s a super connector.

It’s easy to forget, he was quarter of a million in debt
I don’t know how he slept.
But now he’s the one to connect.

MMT that’s his baby, he’ll let you join maybe just maybe.
How’s your integrity?
Do you value the unity of a community. You ready for endless opportunity.

It’s time to burn the boats, remember these quotes ..

Your Network is your networth, become part of the rebirth
And keep yourself down to earth.


Now without further ado I welcome to you the networking lifeguard,
you wanna be in his yard, he’s the one and only Jayson Gaignard.


What you will learn:

  • How to to become the most connect person in the room
  • How to build a powerful community
  • Why you should keep your network small
  • How to attract big players into your network
  • The biggest mistake people make when networking
  • … and MUCH MORE

Interesting highlights:

  • How Jayson went from $7 million a year in sales to $250,000  in debt
  • Why Jayson walked away from 7 figures
  • Why Jayson bought 4000 copies of Tim Ferris’s book

Jayson’s #1 practical advice: 

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