Why Twitter is Failing and Snapchat is Scaling

Snapchat Vs Twitter

There was once a little bird who loved to talk (or some may say 'tweet').

He would talk about ... well anything that really came to his mind really.

He spoke so fast and so often that people kinda liked it. They liked the way he kept what he said to a minimum. To the point.

In fact they loved it so much that within a short period of time every animal in the land started talking like the bird. Everyone started engaging in short snippets.


The bird would also carry your messages far and wide if the other animals liked what you said. This of course meant that little creepy crawlies from far out tiny villages were able to get their message across to some very large animals that lived in the major jungles.


At first is was wonderful because everyone was getting their message out to many other animals in the land without even needing to be a great communicator!


This completely revolutionized the whole animal kingdom and in no time at all, millions of little blue birds were flying around relaying over 500 million messages a day!


But then one day ... Fewer birds were seen flying in the sky.


What could have happened?

The animals scratched their hairy heads in wonderment.


animal scratching head


Until they realized that another creature had quietly made an impact on the animal kingdom. This creature was strange looking yet highly intriguing. The creature sort of looked like a ghost.


The ghost creature started sharing stories. Some made you laugh. Some made you cry. Some stories were inspirational whilst others were extremely informative.


The animals started to really warm to the ghostly looking creature and started sharing their own stories. Sure enough within a short period of time, hundreds of millions of animals started sharing their stories with the animal kingdom.


Thus started the beginning of  a new revolution in the animal kingdom.


As billions of  stories were being shared each day the birds in the sky started getting replaced by floating ghosts.


What happened you may ask?


Well. Allow me to let you in on a little secret ...


The bird brought something magical to the world.

It brought a new channel of communication that allowed all animals to have a voice.It brought faced paced interaction to a very distracted, time starving, attention declining generation.

But what the bird didn't realize was that as much as animals love to communicate quickly they really, deep down inside, craved deep and meaningful relationships with other animals.

This is the secret that the ghostly creature realized about animals. He understood that stories are the most powerful way to communicate at the deepest level. Stories are timeless.

Since the beginning of time stories have  been the way mummy and daddy animals would teach their baby animals to communicate.

animal reading story


And so it was that one by one every animal in the land stopped sending fast flying birds to other animals and started sharing their intimate stories through floating ghost creatures.


The End.


...Or is it?

About the author, Daniel

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  1. Austin Iuliano on 05/24/2016 at 11:55 PM

    Hey Daniel,

    First absolutely love the image design! The ghost eating the Twitter bird made me crack up! Great story and I clearly love Snapchat but I wouldn’t discount Twitter. It isn’t dead yet, and far from it. They have shown amazing ability to be nimble and react to the market. I think personally Twitter and Snapchat make an amazing team.

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