Weekly Progress Performance

One of my mentors shared with me an incredible piece of advice. He said that it’s very easy to forget what you accomplished from your successes and failures along your journey unless you keep track of them.


So he recommended that I write out a Weekly Progress Performance. Every Friday I will write out a performance of my week. It will be broken down into 3 categories:


Weekly Wins – My successes of the week
Weekly Struggles – My struggles I faced during the week
Weekly Lessons – What I learned from my week


Ok so here goes with the first ever Weekly Progress Summary …


Weekly Wins:


• My podcast show hit over 1500 downloads in less than 30 days of launch!



• My podcast show got featured on itunes New & Noteworthy

new and noteworthy!

• I managed to promote my Jet Virtual Reseller package on a list on Facebook with 11,000 members and gained a huge amount of interest!


• I received an email from a huge PR guy saying he wants to help promote my podcast!


• I received a private message from someone who said he listens to my podcast and it inspires him.


• I took my son to play tennis

playing tennis with my son


• I took my little girl out for ice cream


ice cream with freida

• I gave a great presentation for a new business opportunitypresentation pic

• I did 3 interviews for potential re-sellers of Jet Virtual


• Signed up my first Jet Virtual Reseller


• I published episode 7 of my podcast


• I wrote and published new post “Focusing on ONE thing”


• Picked up the VP of Linkedin, Fred Kofman from the airport!

fred koffman


• Interviewed Yaakov Lehman for episode 8 “How Mindfulness will make you Super Productive” (Awesome interview!)

FB Banner

• I Spoke with a US answering service to offer virtual offices in the US


• Had a fantastic mastermind session


• I mentored a financial advisor and helped her focus on a clear strategy to earn double what she is currently earning within one year


• Hired an incredible SEO guy


• Won a tennis match 🙂


• I donated money to a poor family that couldn’t afford food


• I created a template banner for quotes to share on social media

Memes template


• I got invited on the ‘Startup Dads’ podcast show


• Found some issues with website to get fixed


• Read a fantastic book called “The New Entrepreneurz” and met the authors Simcha Gluck and Ronen Gafni!

Ronen and Simcha


• Played Freshbiz Game at exclusive event


Weekly Struggles:


• Felt a little overwhelmed and anxious by the amount of action and energy


• Having to tell someone that I cannot go into a partnership with him


• Wasted some time on unproductive activity (mainly on social media sites)


• Not eating at the right time which meant that I was less productive and less focused


Weekly Lessons:


• I must be aware that I need to remain humble in order to be truly successful


• I must think things through and not act impetuously


• Focus on what your good at and don’t get too distracted


• Know when to move fast and when to slow down


• Know when to go broad and when to go deep


• Know how to leverage the resources that I have (not just money)


• It’s important to work with people who share my excitement and passion


• Try to catch myself when I am spacing out


• Do ‘Power hours’ and then take mini breaks for increased productivity


• Have a clear set of mini goals for the day and check them off as I go along


• You never know when you will meet the perfect person for what you need


• Not everything in life has to cost money. Learn to use the power of creative leveraging and bartering opportunities


Phew what a week!


Wishing everyone a hugely successful week ahead … Go get ’em!

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