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Weekly Progress Performance 4

Weekly Wins:





  • I gave a sales presentation that went over really well
Banner honoree Corder
  • I spent precious time with my youngest child

Precious time with my princess

Cat on Piano for blog

  • Booked 2 more interviews for next week
  • Had some chill time at the beach with another great book
book and beach
  • Interviewed Roger Whitney for episode 13 “From Cheerleader to Financial Planner”
Banner Roger Whitney
  • Made a decision to publish my new book in a year from now! Watch this space!!


  • Started having healthy shakes with Chia Seeds (great for energy boosts and VERY healthy) Ingredients – Banana, spinach, cucumber, mint leaves frozen blueberries , chia seeds 1.5 percent yogurt no sugar added oat milk almond milk

Healthy Shake



  • … and of course I played lots of TENNIS!  🙂


tennis ball

Weekly Struggles:


  • Getting myself to come up with definitive goals for the year
  • Social media overload



Weekly Lessons:


  • Being a leader can sometimes be lonely
  • Stop overthinking everything
  • Try living in the moment whilst still aspiring for a great future



How was YOUR week? Let me know in the comments below …

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