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Weekly Progress Performance 2

Weekly Wins:


  • I gave a great presentation to potential resellers of Jet Virtual, my telephone answering service.
Banner Simcha Gluck
  • I started setting up Freshdesk to automate my sales cycle
  • I was interviewed on a radio show called Startup Dads
  • Booked 2 more interviews for next week
  • Spent precious time with my better half
Date with my wife
Banner Kevin Jans
  • Attended a workshop on self development
  • Managed to get my email down from 654 in my inbox to 15 🙂

Weekly Struggles:


  • Skipped lunch for a couple of days
  • Not eating at the right time meant that I was less productive and less focused


Weekly Lessons:


  • Eat something small and don't starve yourself!
  • Practice more meditation, patience and acceptance
  • Actions speak louder than words. Speak less, Do more


A quieter yet still productive week.


Wishing everyone a hugely successful week ahead ... Go get 'em!

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