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Creative Block

Sometimes our creativity goes into hibernation. 

We get a creative block and it can be very frustrating. But if we understand that our creative muscles are just like our physical muscles we will realise that they also need a break to recover. 

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112: From The Pits of Hell To The Peaks of Heaven with Tofe Evans

Tofe Evans

My guest today is known as a Thought Leader and Endurance Athlete.
but most of all just plain crazy

He’s one of only 100 people in the world to have run a 60km Ultramarathon on Mt Everest

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100: What I Learned From My Younger Self with Daniel Gefen

Daniel Gefen

This episode is very special to me for 2 reasons. It’s episode 100! I go back to my 4 year old self This interview was done on the ‘Here to thrive’ podcast show where I had my brain picked by Amy Kate Snowise Having done over 40 guest appearances on shows I can easily say…

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55: Prison to Penthouse with Ryan Stewman

Ryan Stewman

  My guest today was adopted at 7 Dropped out of school in 8th grade Did 2 years in prison at age 19 Got hooked on drugs Had a seizure and died got shocked back to life Became a millionaire Went back to prison at 26 Got out of prison became one of the top…

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