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87: How I Escaped a Psych Ward and Rebuilt My Life with Gordie Bufton

Gordie Bufton

  My guest today escaped from a Psychiatric Ward and was chased down by helicopters and dogs …. Yeah I tend to attract interesting guests I know! Gordie Bufton went from being a heavy drug abuser, spending time in jail and being admitted to a 5 psych wards where he was told he would never…

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62: Laughing Your Shame Away with JP Sears

JP Sears

My guest today is a Mindful Red headed, head band wearing, ultra spiritual, gluten intolerant, meat hating, downward dog loving, self-transformational, coconut oil connoisseur who loves to unconfuse people with his incredibly funny induced wisdom on topics ranging from depression to essential oils. JP Sears, otherwise known as the new age buddha, is on a…

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