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133: How to Make More Money by Having More Fun with Jon Buchan

Jon Buchan

Jon Buchan sent a cold email while he was drunk. 

He sent it to the marketing directors of top brands like Pepsi and Red Bull and got incredible responses like “This is the best cold email I have received in over 20 years!” 

It was the best email he ever wrote and we dove into why it was so effective.

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83: Failing My Way to 8 Figures with Noah Kagan

Noah Kagan

  My guest today got fired from Facebook and lost $100 Million which is what his stock would have been worth today! He also lost $1.7 million worth of stock by walking away from his job at I would say he’s probably lost more money than all the people I know combined. And yet…

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79: How I Made a Million Dollars in a Day with Russell Brunson

Russell Brunson

Do you dream of having a sales process that makes you money while you sleep? How about a following of fans that buy products from you every time you release something? Well my guest today can make that dream come true. Russell Brunson is one of the most genuine online marketers I have come across……

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48: He Plans on Selling his Website for $1 Billion with Daniel Treisman

Daniel Treisman

My guest today bought a website for $330,000 and plans on selling it for a Billion Dollars! Daniel Treisman is the owner of an internationally recognized news website read by more than 25 million unique visitors each month. He has around 200 remote employees working for him around the world. Daniel is also involved in…

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26: Taking Flyte in the Digital Age with Rich Brooks

Rich Brooks is the Founder of ‘Agent of Change’ a digital marketing conference focusing on Search, Social and Mobile. He is also the president of a company called Flyte New Media, a web design and marketing agency which he started in his living room Rich is a featured tech expert on a CNBC news program,…

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15: Building an Inc. 5000 company by WOWING your clients with Meny Hoffman

Do you make your clients go WOW? In this episode I pick the brains of Meny Hoffman the CEO of Ptex Group, an award winning marketing agency and INC 5000 company doing over $5 million in revenue by wowing their clients! Meny is also the creator of Let’s Talk Business, an email series containing effective…

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14: Sold for $42 Million Sending Emails with Dean Levitt

  Did you know that email marketing is still the most effective way to grow your business? In this episode I pick the brains of Dean Levitt, ex Co-Founder of Mad Mimi. An email marketing platform that was acquired by Go Daddy for … wait for it … $42 million! Dean has now launched Teacup Analytics,…

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04: Boost your Business using Facebook Ads with Aaron Zakowski

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