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We love Daniel and his intention behind his podcast and everything he does in his life. It’s always with the thought of putting light into the world. We had him on as a guest and he is a wise and gentle soul. Love this podcast! So many amazing topics and so much to learn from it.

Learn from the best!

If you want to grow your mind listen to this podcast!!


Good for you - you had to post this. People need to know. I have read Rich Dad and now I think...this guy must be drunk. Ego. If people need financial education, why didn’t he use this opportunity to educate with actionable steps instead of insults and childish come backs. Very odd. You were extremely gracious.

I can’t get enough!

Daniel is a brilliant host, his guests are fascinating, and the conversations are always inspiring and challenging to me as a leader, a man, and as a human being.

One of the BEST!

we have so many options as business owners - too many options LOL - so narrow down your search and listen to this podcast, period. Great work Daniel!

Incredible show

I love the tactical, honest and real rawness Daniel delivers in this podcast. I hit subscribe and definitely can’t wait for the next show!!! For that listener that is ADDICTED to creating their future. For the listener who KNOWS they are destine for greatness but didn’t believe they could actually make money in it.

Great show

As a podcast host it’s hard to find good shows, this one is awesome

One of the best

Always love listening to Daniel. Great insight into the minds of business owners.

Daniel Your Podcasting Tips ....

Listening to Daniel’s tips on the Fighting Entrepreneur Podcast took me back 10 years ego, when the industry was searching for an identity. Daniel is a superb host and creates amazing value!

Very Genuine and practical

Daniel delivers straightforward business ideas and concepts. He presses his guests to get the best nuggets and information to impliment.

5 star for numerous reasons

This podcast is wonderful. As a [Young] Entrepreneur, podcasts have been the little loophole on gaining insight and knowledge from people with similar or contradicting mindsets to bring on challenges. Daniels podcasts... first, the host is genuine and interactive on the conversations He has incredible influencers from business moguls to artist in which there’s something interesting that comes up every moment( I’m a hustler that seeps up Any knowledge that I can gain to/for the better myself) People pay so much to hear conversations like this, This is available. Such a great time investment on time so far. Thanks for keeping my inspiration up. Great circle of motivators.

Must Subscribe

Daniel is a leader in the podcast world and after one listen you'll see why! Thanks for an awesome podcast

I don’t listen to many - but I LOVE this podcast!

I don’t typically listen to many podcasts but have become addicted to this one! I love the refreshing stories, unique guests and wealth of knowledge that is dropped. I recommend anyone to make this podcast a regular part of your life!

questions and answers

I love the Daniel is forever curious and brings out the best in each guest. Great show!

Fantastic playful interviews

Daniel Gefen is a different kind of interviewer. He likes to play and will sometimes tease his guests. This takes them off guard and he often extracts information they don’t intend to share. This makes his content fresh and fun. Check it out!

Learn and continue learning

Want a fulfilling life? This podcast does a great job on shedding light on how.

Amazingly refreshing content

Daniel is an amazing personality, who brings honesty and integrity to life with his show. I love the way he is able to bring relevant content to the table with such openness. His forwardness is strikingly refreshing in a time where such authenticity is lacking.

Episode 132

Quite motivating about writing the book you have inside you.


Wish I had discovered this podcast when it began. It is life changing!

Inspirational Life Story

If you want inspiration in your life, listen to episode 114. Daniel opens up about his life story. Through the story, I found myself relating to many of the issues he faced and had a personal connection. Daniel helped me distinquish between failure and falling. Thank you for the inspiration!


I feel this guy is interested in getting down to the bottom of whats actually important and sharing it with us. Not just going with what society conditions us to believe, but investigating the things that really matter.

Audacious and Insightful

David is a great host no matter who the guest his, he is quick on the draw and asks sharp questions - what makes this podcast worth listening to. His podcast on billionaire Naveen Jain was insanely interesting- what a chemistry between the host and the guest!!

Daneil has the inside track on life!

Such an honest, open, and vulnerable individual, Daniel shares many of the secrets of how to live a very fulfulling life. There is no hiding anything in his podcast, he is completely naked and uses this vulnerability to bring out the very best of his guests. I am truly grateful for Daniels openness and the effort he puts forth to help others while at the same time exposing the pain and lessons of the past. Many times we hide our mistakes yet Daniel shows us that they are nuggets of soul gold, each small lesson as valuable as the next and when combined you will flourish beyond your wildest dreams. I can not thank Daniel enough and hope to meet him someday.

Best podcast for entrepreneurs

Absolutely love this show! Daniel surprises me every episode

Love this podcast

This podcast is so raw and full of value I love it. Keep it up Daniel

Finally real conversations

Daniel asks the questions I actually wants the answer to. He gets truly real with people, and I throughly appreciate it. Great show!! Put it on your list.

Great podcast

Love it !

Dan is the Man ;-)

Just was interviewed on the show and must say this is most "personal" I've ever been. Daniel has a gift of finding the connection point, getting the most out of his guests, and making interviews matter. Highly recommend the show, Daniel and what he's doing to make this world a better place.

One of my favorite interviews

I have been a guest on many podcasts, Daniel's ranks up there as one of my favorites. Not only because of his incredible rap introduction of me :) But he really pushed me and challenged me with his questions, which doesn't happen very often. This made for a great interview and a really enjoyable experience as well. I have heard many of his other interviews, which only validated my sentiment that this is an awesome podcast and Daniel is an amazing interviewer. You don't want to miss this one!

Great show, highly recommend!

Daniel and his guests share inspiring and actionable lessons on building a successful lifestyle business (and avoiding the mistakes many others have made). Highly recommend listening and subscribing if you want the knowledge AND mindsets to start and grow your online business!

Funny, smart, insightful, great guests, ... everything you want in a podcast

Daniel Gefen's Can I Pick Your Brain stands out among podcasts. Daniel stands out among interviewers. He hosts tremendous guests (I'm honored to have been one) and prepares thoroughly. Most importantly, he listens and responds to what the guest says in the moment. The conversations are open, honest, fun, and funny. He guides the conversation to the most interesting and valuable messages from each guest. Daniel's show is already top notch and I expect it to keep growing.

Organic Convo

As a guest on Daniel's show, my biggest takeaway was the organic conversation we had. Not scripted, very easy going and natural. As someone who has done a lot of interviews over the years,he uncovered areas that I hadn't covered in forever. It was a gold mine of valueable takeaways for his listeners.

Great show!

I love the title of this show, and the format is terrific. Daniel is a very good interviewer who asks deeper questions than most people do. Well worth your time!

Original, insightful and creative!

I love Daniel's podcast! He is an extremely insightful interviewer, natural presenter and very engaging too. Each podcast is unique as Daniel is not following a formulaic set of questions. You never know where the conversation is going which makes listening that much more interesting and the responses are authentic. Keep up the great work Daniel!

Simply The BEST

I have done many interviews and the interview with Daniel was simply the best so far. He is smart (super), honest (so rare our days), able, and so caring. THANK YOU.

It's all about Attitude!

Daniel Gefen hits the mark here with his mindset-focused business show aimed squarely at entrepreneurs who want to learn from others who've beaten the same path. Success starts with your inner game and that's where this show will help you. Amazing guests, thought-provoking questions, and revealing answers are what's waiting inside. Subscibe and you'll be hooked!

Awesome entrepreneurial podcast!

Daniel picks the brains of some of the most successful entrepreneurs out there. Great show!

Great show for any entrepreneur!

This is such a great show for anyone who is trying to up their game as an entrepeneur. Daniel asks really great questions that you don't hear anywhere else. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Excellent podcast!

Daniel has some of the most intriguing guest on his show. I am a self development junkie, devouring hours of audio material daily and this podcast has quickly become one of my favorites to listen to.

Awesome Show

Daniel does an awesome job interviewing top-notch guests. He asks great questions and covers important and relative topics. Keep up the great work! Be sure to subsribe to this podcast so you don't miss an episode!

Fabulous Show

I've lost track of how many many podcasts I've listened to. I really dig Can I Pick Your Brain. And your last episode with Nadia Finer is brilliant. I love her story.


Wonderful show! Wonderful concept! Terrific content! Here is an entrepreneur student looking to find what motivates entrepreneurs to think they way they do, walk the way they do - and manuever the way they do.

Awesome show today

Awesome show today

Best Podcast Ever

Love this podcast! Best ever.

Super relevant to entrepreneurs!

Daniel does a great job finding guest with great stories and delivers an awesome interview asking the questions I want the answer to. Keep up the great work!!

Great resource for success!

This podcast has great interviews with movers and shakers. If you are wanting to learn from top entrepreneurs, you will want to subscribe to this podcast

Great podcast

Great interviews that give a good insight into people's success.

Great stuff!

If you have ADHD I highly suggest listening to that podcast (in addition to the others), extremely helpful.

Awesomeness! Valuable Content!

Daniel really knows how to put on a high value, engaging and entertaining show. Worth a try at the very least!

Very Cool Podcast

Get ready to sit back and enjoy the ride. Great job Daniel! Love the variety of Entrepreneur based topics you cover. Very well produced too. Looking forward to more of these great shows down the road.

Very smart and entertaining

Love this podcast. Great for commuters


Daniel is truly talented in how he “picks” the brains of successful entrepreneurs. So many nuggets of wisdom dropped in these episodes! Thanks Daniel!

Great guest line up

I hope the future guests are as good as the ones so far. Great show!

Brain has been picked

Amazing podcast! Very motivating!!

Greatest podcast

Really awesome podcast

Awesome podcast !

Very inspiring and hugely practical. Love how engaging Daniel is with his guests

Great interviews, get your entrepreneur brain ON!

This is a great podcast if you are an entrepreneur or starting your entrepreneurship journey. Daniel is engaging, down to earth and a great interviewer. If you want to get your entrepreneur brain ON go ahead and add this to your favorites.

Great show

The name of the podcast is definitely appropriate. Daniel does make a point to delve deeper on different points. One of the few podcast that I'd subscribe to even though I've listened to a lot of podcasts.

YES you CAN! #PWPEEPS - Doc and Jock

I love how Daniel can take folks who are involved with huge companies and projects and make them relatable! GREAT!!!


Very enjoyable and informative!

Great podcast

I love this podcast! Great for entrepreneurs like me


This podcast is awesome I am learning so much about entrepreneurship

Awesome Business Podcast

I love the way Daniel brings out the best practical advice from the people he interviews. This is a must listen for anyone starting or growing a business!

A must for any entrepreneur

Anyone who’s interested in becoming more successful would do well to subscribe to this podcast and glean from the amazing wisdom that is shared here.

Can I pick your brain

This guy is a genius and I cannot wait to hear more about his story!


This is great information. Thank you Daniel for broadcasting such success stories this would motivate people to have confidence in themselves and achieve their potential. Love it keep on doing it I would definitely continue listening to your stories.

Best podcast!

It’s fantastic and fun.

Awesome podcast for entrepreneurs!

Great listening, love it, great tips and stories for entrepreneurs. Look forward to hearing more!

Amazingly well produced first show

I just listened to the first episode and was very impressed by both the sound quality and the content. Daniel tells his story as a little boy who demanded chocolate from his parents to the entrepreneur that has persisted to success. Love entrepreneur interviews, Thanks for doing this Daniel! Sincerely Donnie

My Brain Is Growing

Really enjoyed Daniel's first few interviews and the level on insight that he manages to pull out of his guests.

This guy is going places!

Just listened to the first 4 episodes and man am I blown away! Hard to believe he has not been a podcaster for years. He asks the tough questions and does not back down till he gets the answers. Inspiring and i have learned a lot! Keep it up Daniel!