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Lessons from a photo shoot

The images you see on this website are all courtesy of Brian Spector, a good friend of mine and fantastic photographer.

When we did the photo shoot we took lots of pictures maybe hundreds! We experimented with various factors:  Lighting, position, outdoor, indoor, smiling, not smiling, jacket on, jacket off, wide lens, normal lens, with props, without props, standing, sitting, etc ...


Out of hundreds of shots only a handful were suitable for the website.


This is a great lesson in business. The best way to learn what works in business is to experiment as much as you can. Change the variables and see what happens. Some examples you can experiment with are:

Price - I was petrified to increase my pricing because I thought I would lose all my clients. In the end 90% of them stayed and the 10% that left were a pain in the you know what!

Ideal client - Not everybody needs what you have to offer. Finding the right target market that really values what you do is crucial.

Marketing - Facebook ads doesn't work for every business. You need to experiment with different marketing mediums to see what works for you.

Landing pages - There are so many variables on just one web page. Try changing the signup form to ask for just an email address instead of name, email and phone number. You may get more people signing up. Experiment with the layout, images, font, titles etc.

Time of day - Timing is everything! When sending out emails which times of the day or days of the week do you get a higher open rate? Try calling a prospective client at different times of the week as they may be busier at certain times and therefore unreachable.

Subject Titles - Not getting high open rates on emails? Not getting enough people subscribing to your newsletter/e-book? Try experimenting with different subject titles.


The list is endless. The longer you try different things in business the more experience you get and the more effective you become. That's why people who have been in business a long time can start and grow new businesses much faster because they already know what works best.


People are scared to experiment. We are naturally averse to change and prefer to keep things the way they are even if they aren't working the way we like.


Remember that in a photo shoot only a few out of hundreds of shots are usually suitable. So too in business we need to do hundreds of experiments in order to create the few that make us our millions.



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