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So as I’m writing this I’m feeling a little down … actually I’m feeling a lot down. I just finished interviewing someone for my podcast ‘Can I Pick Your Brain?’ and it sucked!

I thought it would be a good interview, it seemed like the person I was interviewing had a great story to share but it just came out so … boring.

After producing 3 fantastic first episodes I was feeling on such a high. I was feeling BUZZED and PUMPED. But now I feel like I just fell off a cloud.

As I was sitting by my computer feeling a little sorry for myself because I should have done better, better questions, better research into the person, better ‘brain picking’ … I started to realise that this is the nature of business. This is the nature of life.

We have great moments. We have sucky moments.

We have highs and lows. We produce articles that people like and comment on and share. We have articles that nobody reads and nobody gives a crap about. We post Youtube videos that get 23 views (including views from you, your mom and Aunt Nancy!) and we post a few that go viral.

The point is to keep going. Keep producing. The more you produce the better stuff you come up with. The more sales calls you make the better you get at closing deals.

We can’t succeed if we don’t keep trying!

Stuff happens. Move on. Do more.

It’s like someone who climbs a mountain and for every 3 steps they take they go back 1 step ( why the hell someone would do that don’t ask. It’s an analogy!) but they still get higher and higher because they keep taking those 3 steps forward.

Sometimes taking the one step back allows us to learn something new we would have never learned!

So today I’m going to choose to focus on those 3 steps forward and not the 1 step back.

Go take 3 steps forward!

Your brain picking friend,


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