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Healthy Body = Healthy Mind = Healthy Profits

They say that a healthy body produces a healthy mind. In business I find that if my mind isn’t focused and alert my productivity decreases drastically. If my mind isn’t focused it’s usually because my body isn’t healthy.

For example if I skip lunch I find it hard to concentrate and I end up doing mindless activities like checking emails and social media or other time wasters.

Same thing if don’t get a good nights sleep or if I haven’t excersized in a while.

So I have decided to change a few bad habits and take on some healthy ones instead.

For the next month I will be trying out the following 5 things and will see if they make a big difference.


1: Stop drinking sodas and sugary drinks

Sugar gives me a short term rush but then leaves me feeling tired. Not to mention how bad it is for health and teeth!

I find it hard to drink plain water so instead I will be drinking soda water.


2: Play tennis 3 times a week

Excersize is crucial to keep my body feeling good. When I don’t excersize I get tired more and my ADD kicks in more often. I find it hard to do excersize for the sake of excersize, like going to a gym or going for a run. I get easily bored and it doesn’t last. Tennis is a sport that I love and I can play an hour game without feeling like I’m excersizing. It’s important to do something you enjoy otherwise it usually won’t last long.


3: Do 5 mins of Tai Chi each morning

In episode 8 I picked the brains of Yaakov Lehman who taught me the importance of doing Tai Chi to keep me in a calm state of mind and body.

5 mins is a good start just so I can get into a routine with an aim to increase the time over the next couple of months.


4: Eat a light lunch no later than 2:30pm

I have been finding that when I eat a heavy lunch I get tired and my body feels sluggish which means that my productivity falls rapidly just after lunchtime. The other issue is that I sometimes push off eating lunch until 4 sometimes 5 because I get busy and forget to eat. The problem is that because I get so hungry my mind stops working at full capacity and I end up being unproductive. Also it means that I don’t eat dinner until much later sometimes even 11pm. That means that my body is digesting a meal whilst I’m sleeping and I end up waking up tired even if I have slept a good amount of time (usually 8 hours).


5: Take a multivitamin and Omega 3 everyday

I’m a fussy eater and since a young age I have hated veggies! I never eat greens and it’s really bad. So rather than make myself throw up by forcing myself to eat salads I will start taking a multivitamin everyday. Also because I will be playing tennis 3 times a week I want to ensure my joints stay healthy and strong so taking Omega 3 should help with that.


I don’t want to take on too many things otherwise I probably won’t stick to them. I’m pretty confident that if I do the 5 things I mentioned above it will radically change the quality of my life and productivity will increase.

I will keep track of my progress and let you know how I get on.


What are some changes you can make today to increase the quality of YOUR life?


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