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Focusing on ONE thing

One thing I have always struggled with is focusing on one thing.

As an entrepreneur we are naturally creative and driven to achieve greater things. Our greatest asset, however can sometimes be our greatest enemy . If we don’t channel our drive and energy and focus it on one project at a time we can end up all over the place achieving nothing.

Think of an artist. The artist has a blank canvas and the possibilities are endless. So many colours, shapes, sizes, space,  ideas … but the artist needs to focus on a direction he can’t just throw all the colours, all over the place (although nowadays they would probably get away with calling it some funky name and sell it for millions! 🙂 )

It’s the same thing in business. We must stay focused on a specific direction or we end up overwhelmed and emotionally drained.

When I started my Telephone Answering and Virtual Office company 7 years ago I started off super excited and driven on building the biggest answering service and virtual office company in the UK. Then after a couple of months an opportunity presented itself and I got distracted by the newness, the freshness of it. New opportunities excite me and they are like a nice shiny object tempting me. Distracting me.

After a few months of ‘playing’ with the new shiny object I realized that I had neglected my core business and the new shiny object wasn’t new and shiny anymore. So I re-focused on my core business. Until a few more months passed and another shiny object presented itself to me!

This became a pattern and I had to learn to ignore the shiny objects until I was able to experiment whilst keeping my finger on the pulse of my core business.

Shiny objects will present themselves to you along your journey as an entrepreneur. The more time you spend building your business the more frequently these shiny objects emerge. The trick is to notice them and not jump on them like a dog running after a stray cat in the street.

I’m not saying that you can’t focus on a number of projects at a time. Right now I am running 3 separate businesses and a radio show. The key is to make sure that you have your finger on the pulse of each business. Don’t sabotage your existing business for the shiny objects.

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Become a master of what you do. Then when a shiny object presents itself you can become a master of that too.



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