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Find Your Niche

Let me share with you a short but powerful story.

There was a guy who decided he wanted to make a living catching fish so he bought himself a fishing rod and went down to the biggest fish pond he could find. When he got there he noticed it was packed with other people trying to catch fish. There was barely any room for him to sit.

He waited and finally found a spot somewhere. He sat there and waited. After hours of catching nothing he decided to try and find a different spot but still no luck. "There must be tons of fish in this huge pond so I must be able to catch something!" he thought. After weeks of sitting by this massive pond he came to realize that the big established fishermen who had the best position, equipment, manpower, fish bait etc dominated the pond and he wasn't able to compete.

So the fisherman got up and decided to look elsewhere. He searched and found a much smaller pond and because it was such a small pond nobody was interested in investing their time there.

What the fisherman discovered was that after a couple of days he figured out exactly the right bait to use, the best location to sit, time of day and equipment to catch the most fish in this particular pond. And because there weren't many people competing with him at this small pond he quickly became the expert and conquered that pond. He became so successful at catching the fish that he was able to buy better equipment and hire additional fishermen to work for him. He then spent most of his time seeking out other small ponds that were available for him to conquer.


The fisherman eventually dominated several different small ponds. Each one was producing a substantial amount for him. And because he was the expert in knowing how to catch the type of fish in each pond, it was difficult for others to compete with him.

He eventually became so successful that he was able to go back to the largest pond and compete with the 'big boys'

The message here is obvious.

It's always tempting to try and sell to the whole world but [spp-tweet tweet=""If you try to be everything to everyone, you won’t be anything to anyone!""]

It's very difficult to target a massive market if you have very limited resources.

Find a niche and try and dominate that niche. Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of not being laser focused on their target market. Don't make that mistake.


Go and conquer.

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