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Nathan Latka

23: This 26 yr old Millionaire Spends 6 hrs a Day Doing What?! with Nathan Latka


You won’t believe what this 26 yr old self-made millionaire spends 6 hours of his day doing … Nathan Latka is the Founder of Heyo, a company that has helped thousands of businesses get more leads through smart social media campaigns and was recently acquired by one of it’s competitors. Nathan is the host of…

Do what you love with Christie Mims

22: Do What You Love and Join The New Revolution with Christie Mims


Do you love what you do? There is no better time to find your passion. In this episode I pick the brains of Christie Mims, the founder and CEO of The Revolutionary Club which was selected by Forbes as a Top 100 website for your career She’s built her community to over 30,000 and has been featured…

Customer Service with Tema Frank

21: How to provide great Customer Service and build Brand Loyalty with Tema Frank


Are your customers happy? We live in an ‘abundance of choice’  generation where loyalty must be earned. In this episode I pick the brains of Tema Frank to find out how to improve customer service and increase client retention rates. In 2001 Tema founded one of the world’s first remote usability testing companies called Web…


20: How to Leverage your way to Success (solo episode)


In this short Solo Episode I talk about the power of leveraging and how the most succesful people grow rapidly by taking advantage of this little known secret.


19: How to Successfully Launch, Grow and Monetize a Podcast with Yann Ilunga


Should you start your own podcast? In this episode I pick the brains of Yann Ilunga who talks about the benefits of launching your own podcast. Yann is the host of the 360 entrepreneur which was featured as the #1 podcast show on itunes. Yann has interviewed some of the biggest names in the podcast…


18: How having ADHD can lead you to HUGE success with Peter Shankman


Do you have ADHD? You may have a massive advantage! In this episode I pick the brains of Peter Shankman. A hugely successful entrepreneur,  bestselling author, Angel investor, Nasa Advisor, Skydiver and Ironman Triathlon, who attributes his high level of achievement to having ADHD. Peter is the ex founder of HARO the largest free source repository…

Linkedin Marketing

17: Linkedin’s #10 Top Influencer: Getting to your first $1Million with Sramana Mitra


  Out of 400 million people on Linkedin my guest today has been ranked the #10 top influencer!  Sramana Mitra is the founder of One Million by One Million, the first global virtual accelerator, headquartered in Silicon Valley. Which aims to nurture a million entrepreneurs to reach a million dollars each in annual revenue and…


16: A $50,000 deal done using Twitter with Mordecai Holtz


Do people really buy things on Social Media Platforms? In this episode I pick the brains of Mordechai Holtz the Co-founder of Bluethread Marketing a boutique digital agency with clients ranging from startups to Cities. Mordechai is also a Blogger, Mentor, Social media junkie, Marathon Runner and Father of Five!   What you will learn:…


15: Building an Inc. 5000 company by WOWING your clients with Meny Hoffman


Do you make your clients go WOW? In this episode I pick the brains of Meny Hoffman the CEO of Ptex Group, an award winning marketing agency and INC 5000 company doing over $5 million in revenue by wowing their clients! Meny is also the creator of Let’s Talk Business, an email series containing effective…


14: Sold for $42 Million Sending Emails with Dean Levitt


  Did you know that email marketing is still the most effective way to grow your business? In this episode I pick the brains of Dean Levitt, ex Co-Founder of Mad Mimi. An email marketing platform that was acquired by Go Daddy for … wait for it … $42 million! Dean has now launched Teacup Analytics,…


13: From Cheerleader to Financial Planner with Roger Whitney


  Today I invite you on a journey to financial freedom. This is probably the most entertaining and unorthodox talk you’ll hear about what is normally a very boring topic. Roger is known best as the retirement answer man. He has walked the journey into retirement with countless individuals and families. Roger is a partner at…


12: How to Publish your way to Success with Honoree Corder


  Ever thought about writing a book? Haven’t we all! My guest in this episode has published, not one but nineteen books! Honorée Corder is a serial entrepreneur, business coach, mentor & strategic advisor. She is the Founder of  Honorée Enterprises a fully-comprehensive menu of coaching and training services for individuals and firms of all sizes.…


11: How to Build a Successful Business with Zero Advertising with David Gantshar


Would’t it be great if you could build a business without spending any money on advertising? Sound too good to be true?

My guest in this episode is proof that you can!

David Gatshar is the founder of Merraine group – the nation’s largest healthcare contingency search firm which is one of the twenty-five largest healthcare search firms in America. Serving over 500 hospitals and medical centers. And they have never advertised!


10: How you can Earn More by being a Micro Niche with Kevin Jans


Find out how you can become a market leader, charge a premium and make a ton of money with little competition!


09: How to work SMARTER not Harder with Simcha Gluck


[powerpress]   Have you ever wondered how super successful entrepreneurs get MORE done with less effort? In this episode I pick the brains of Simcha Gluck, the Co- Author of the Game Changing book “The New Entrepreneurz – changing the way you play life.” Simcha is a serial entrepreneur, musician, snowboarder, family man and was the…


08: How Mindfulness will make you Super Productive with Yaakov Lehman


    How do you stay cool and calm whilst being super productive? In this episode I pick the brains of Yaakov Lehman – founder of Wisdom Tribe. Yaakov is one of the most chilled yet highly productive entrepreneurs I have met. He has managed to attract some of the most influential business people to…


07: How to Get More Clients using Adwords with Laura Moxham


  Have you thought about getting more clients with Google Adwords? In this episode I have with me Google Adwords Expert Laura Moxham. Laura has been awarded Entrepreneur of the month by Entrepreneurs Circle. She is the founder of Your Business Angels an internet marketing agency that has been Awarded Top 5% Adwords Performers! Laura…


06: How to Rapidly Grow Your Business using Joint Ventures with Dov Gordon


Have you ever wondered how you can scale your business massively without investing tons of money in marketing? In this episode  I pick the brains of the Alchemist Entrepreneur Dov Gordon. Dov explains how being part of a Mastermind Group and doing Joint Ventures has rapidly grown his business. Dov has helped tons of businesses gain a consistent…


05: Breakfast with the Founder of Apple with Hillel Fuld


How does an average tech blogger meetup for breakfast with the Co-Founder of Apple, get Gary Vaynerchuk to speak at his event for free (he usually charges $50,000!), make friends with a famous actress (find out who) and get raving reviews from the top tech publications? Today I had the privilege of picking the brains…


04: Boost your Business using Facebook Ads with Aaron Zakowski


If you want to Skyrocket your business through Facebook Ads then you must listen to this episode! Today I have Facebook Marketing Expert Aaron Zakowski! Aaron is the CEO of Zammo Digital, a Facebook Ads agency focused on helping Startups accelerate growth and achieve scale through Facebook Ads.  Aaron has spent over $1 million on…