Cole Hatter

82: From Being Crushed to Crushing It with Cole Hatter

  My guest today went from putting out fires to putting out people’s fears Cole Hatter went from saving lives as a fireman to almost losing his own life in 2 tragic accidents. One of them left him in a wheelchair and took the life of his best friend. It was a turning point in…

Dawnna St Louis

81: How I went from Homeless to Millionaire by being ‘Stupid’ with Dawnna St Louis

My guest today went from being homeless and living out of her car to building and selling her tech consultancy for .. wait for it … quarter of a Billion Dollars! Dawnna St Louis is one of those people that against all the odds, has come out on top with an insatiable desire to help…

Joseph Isaacs

80: How I Retired 3 times by Staying Laser Focused with Joseph Isaacs

  Today I will be picking the brain of a serial entrepreneur who knows a thing or two about starting, growing and selling businesses. In fact he has retired 3 times! Joseph Isaacs has started, developed and sold numerous businesses in a range of industries back in the 1970’s way before I was even thought…

Russell Brunson

79: How I Made a Million Dollars in a Day with Russell Brunson

Do you dream of having a sales process that makes you money while you sleep? How about a following of fans that buy products from you every time you release something? Well my guest today can make that dream come true. Russell Brunson is one of the most genuine online marketers I have come across……

Joshua Spodek

78: 90,000 Burpees: Becoming a Super Achiever by Mastering Consistency with Joshua Spodek

My guest today is probably one of the most accomplished and consistent individuals I have had the pleasure to meet. Joshua Spodek holds five Ivy-League degrees, including a PhD in Astrophysics and an MBA from Columbia University, has finished six marathons, holds six patents, has co-founded several education ventures, competed at the World and National…

Wes Schaeffer

77: Secret Sales Tactics from the Military with Wes Schaeffer

My guest today spent 9 years in the Air Force and took his dedication into the business world. He went from serving his country by protecting them from the enemy to protecting business owners from going broke. Wes Schaeffer is best known as the ‘Sales Whisperer’. Which may sound a little cheesy but he’ll explain…

Meir Ezra

76: How to Get Anything Done by Creating ‘Emergencies’ with Meir Ezra

  My guest today was born with his 2 feet pointing backwards. The doctor said he would never be able to walk … well he proved that doctor wrong and became a high-ranking submarine diver in the Israeli navy. Chosen among 4000 applicants of which only 21 made the cut! Whilst he was physically at…

James Arthur Ray

75: The Rise, Fall & Return of James Arthur Ray with James Arthur Ray

  When I prepared for this interview today I had tears in my eyes and found myself getting very emotional. My guest today has a shocking story that begins with a rising star. At one point James Arthur Ray was considered to be one of the top 10 Self Help Motivational Speakers in the world.…

Tom Bilyeu

74: Mastering the Mind, Money & Making an Impact with Tom Bilyeu

  Today is the day that I get to pick the brain of one of my biggest inspirations. Tom Bileu is the Co-founder of Quest Nutrition which is saving lives one health bar at a time. It was the second fastest growing company in 2014 which grew by 57,000% in year 3 and was valued…

Cherie Aimee

73: Dead for 90 mins: What I Learned From Dying with Cherie Aimee

My guest today died 6 years ago. How’s that for an intro…. Well it’s true. She flatlined in her husband’s arms. Doctors couldn’t resuscitate her for over 90-minutes and it took a massive team of over 100 doctors and surgeons from around the world and $3 million dollars to save her life, as she shattered…

Mark Organ - Influitive

72: Building a Billion Dollar Company with Mark Organ

  Have you ever been close to filing bankruptcy? My guest today almost filed 4 times and then grew his company which sold to Oracle for a whopping 871 Million Dollars! Mark Organ is today the founder and CEO of Influitive, a powerful platform that could help you gain massive increases in referrals, create better…

Eric Casaburi

71: How to Build an Empire by Letting Go with Eric Casaburi

  Today I have the pleasure and honor of picking the brain of a man that not only has a massive bank balance, but a massive heart to match it. Starting at humble beginings, working at a local gym at the age of 13, Eric Casaburi is today the owner of Retro Fitness, which currently…

Yanik Silver

70: Transactional to Transformational with Yanik Silver

  My guest today has built, not one, but eight 7-figure products and has been named one of the top internet marketers in the world. Yanik Silver is one of those guys that seems to manage to do more in a week than most people do in a lifetime. Among many of the projects he has…

The art of making things happen with Steve Sims

69: The Art of Making Things Happen with Steve Sims

Have you ever wanted to meet Richard Branson on Necker Island or how about take a trip to space. Maybe you thought of diving deep and taking a tour of the Titanic … how about flying a supersonic military jet? Have you ever fantasized about being James Bond for the day? Well my guest today…

Becoming an influencer with Jon Levy

68: Rejected to Super Connected: Becoming an Influencer with Jon Levy

Have you ever felt rejected? Well my guest today went from being the kid in school that nobody wanted to sit next to, to becoming the man that the biggest influencers and celebrities want to sit with. The pain of rejection pushed him on a mission to find out how human beings tick. How they…

Verne Harnish

67: From Start-Up to Scale-Up with Verne Harnish

  There was once a boy who grew up in a wealthy home, but tragedy struck and he watched his father lose his business. He was so affected by it, that deep down inside he decided that he would make it his mission in life to help people never experience such a thing. At 15…


66: How PowToon Scaled to 10 Million Users with Ilya Spitalnik

In 2012, four friends met in a cafe to solve a problem: How can you communicate a message without putting your audience to sleep, or driving them to check Facebook under the table during your presentation? The answer seemed simple – how about one of those great animated videos! But working with an animation studio…

Laura Coe

65: Why I Walked Away from a Billion Dollar Company with Laura Coe

  I want you close your eyes, (unless you’re driving in which case keep them wide open!) and picture yourself sitting on a sandy beach sipping on a cocktail looking out at the perfectly blue peaceful ocean. You are married to the person of your dreams. You have beautiful children. You are in great physical…

Melinda Wittstock, Verifeed

64: How to turn your Social Feed into a Cash Machine

Do you ever worry about how much time you waste on social media? Have you ever heard the expression, ‘Facebook Likes’ don’t pay the bills? Well what if they could? What if you could turn your social media conversations into real Cash! Sounds crazy right? Well my guest today is helping companies do just that…

Jay Abraham

63: Strategies from the world’s Marketing Legend with Jay Abraham

    Today I am truly honored to be picking the Legendary Brain of marketing genius Jay Abraham! He has been named one of the ‘Top 5 Executive Coaches in the country’ by Forbes Stephen Covey has named him one of the greatest business and marketing minds he ever met. He has mentored and coached…

JP Sears

62: Laughing Your Shame Away with JP Sears

My guest today is a Mindful Red headed, head band wearing, ultra spiritual, gluten intolerant, meat hating, downward dog loving, self-transformational, coconut oil connoisseur who loves to unconfuse people with his incredibly funny induced wisdom on topics ranging from depression to essential oils. JP Sears, otherwise known as the new age buddha, is on a…

Jon Vroman

61: Why it Doesn’t Matter What People Think of You with Jon Vroman

My guest today lives life in the Front Row. In fact his mission is to share his front row experience with as many people as time permits. He has raised over $1,000,000 for his charity “The Front Row Foundation” which helps children and adults with life-threatening illnesses have a front row experience at the concert…

Anil Gupta with Richard Branson

60: How to connect with Richard Branson, Mike Tyson & Tony Robbins with Anil Gupta

  My Guest today is just an ordinary guy who likes to play tennis with Sir Richard Branson, have a good laugh with Mike Tyson and enjoy a good meal on Tony Robbin’s private jet! But don’t be fooled. This guy was at one point a serious risk to his own life. He was so…

Damian Mark Smyth

59: How ‘Doing Nothing’ is the Solution to Everything with Damian Mark Smyth

  Are you getting the very best out of your life? Is your business or career exactly where you want it to be? Do you get anxious and worry about what may or may not happen next? Do you often struggle with change or find yourself procrastinating? Do you feel like whatever solutions you come…

Tamara Thompson

58: Powerless Alcoholic to Powerful Business Woman with Tamara Thompson

My guest today runs a Los Angeles based award winning video production company. She has produced, filmed and edited for big named brands like Starbucks and Microsoft. But behind this success is a dark story. A story about a young lady who’s life got turned upside down after getting hit by a car which led…

How to Create an online course with Michael Carbone

57: How to Create an Online Course in a Weekend with Michael Carbone

  Have you ever wondered what it would be like to surf the waves in Australia, eat Chinese food in Hong Kong, sip some coffee in Paris, go hiking in Thailand without having to worry about paying the bills? Well today I will be picking the brain of a guy who travels the world, living…

Greg Walker

56: From Sleeping in a Restaurant to Owning 55 of them with Greg Walker

My guest today was told from a very young age that he was a ‘Big Dreamer’ and in fact was told to drop out of school because he didn’t have a chance at success. Well this Big Dreamer turned those negative voices into powerful positive action and not only became a millionaire at a young…

Ryan Stewman

55: Prison to Penthouse with Ryan Stewman

  My guest today was adopted at 7 Dropped out of school in 8th grade Did 2 years in prison at age 19 Got hooked on drugs Had a seizure and died got shocked back to life Became a millionaire Went back to prison at 26 Got out of prison became one of the top…

Cameron Herold

54: How to Double Your Business in 3 years with Cameron Herold

  My guest today has been named by CNN Money as The Man, Executives Turn To For Business Advice Cameron Herold is known around the world as THE BUSINESS GROWTH GURU which quite frankly didn’t impress me much seeing as everybody calls themselves a guru these days. Until, however, I did a little research into the…

The real Walter O'Brien aka Scorpion

53: Hacked NASA at 13 but that’s just the beginning … with Walter O’Brien

  My guest today managed to hack into NASA at the age of 13. Yes you heard that right! In this episode I’ll be picking the brain of a Genius. Walter O’Brien has the 4th highest IQ ever recorded. He has an IQ of 197 and to put that into perspective, Albert Einstein had an IQ…

Business Negotiation with Chris Voss

52: How to Negotiate with Anyone (Negotiation Tactics from the Leading FBI Negotiator) with Chris Voss

  Today I’ll be picking the brain of a man who was the Lead International Kidnapping Negotiator for the FBI Chris Voss was also a member of the New York City Joint Terrorist Task Force for 14 years and has been involved in some famous hostage situations, in fact he was the one that negotiated…

Calvin Wayman

51: From Worst Salesperson to Top Performer with Calvin Wayman

  Think you suck at sales? My guest today held the record for WORST performing sales agent in his company’s history and went on to becoming it’s top performer! Calvin Wayman started a social media business called and has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, Social Media Examiner, The Huffington Post and was named one of…

John Jonas

49: How to Replace Yourself by Outsourcing to the Philippines with John Jonas

I have a very interesting guest on the show today. He earns $2253 an hour by having other people do most of the work for him and he only works 17 hours a week! Tim Ferris will be very disappointed! Today I’ll be picking the brain of John Jonas John is the founder of the…

Daniel Treisman

48: He Plans on Selling his Website for $1 Billion with Daniel Treisman

My guest today bought a website for $330,000 and plans on selling it for a Billion Dollars! Daniel Treisman is the owner of an internationally recognized news website read by more than 25 million unique visitors each month. He has around 200 remote employees working for him around the world. Daniel is also involved in…

Bedros Keulian

47: From Eating out of Dumpsters to Making Millions with Bedros Keuilian

My guest today has an incredibly inspiring Rags to Riches story. In fact he went from living in a truck and eating out of dumpsters to amassing millions in the fitness industry! In this episode I pick the brain of Bedros Keuilian Bedros is the founder of Fit Pro Magazine and Fit Body Boot Camp (now…

making money on ebay

46: $250,000 Selling on eBay from his Mom’s Couch with David Kosciusko

If you have  ever thought of making money on eBay or Amazon you must listen to this episode! My guest today made $250,000 in 8 months selling on eBay from his mom’s couch David Kosciusko is an interesting character. He’s made a small fortune selling other people’s junk.   In fact he’s so good at selling…


50: Matisyahu Bares His Soul

Grammy-Award -Nominated Reggae Artist Matisyahu bares his soul in this raw interview. He talks about the importance of self expression and not thinking too much about what people think of you. He also discusses the reasons why he decided to change his image and how he dealt with the negativity from his ‘fans’. My favorite part was…

Jeremy Ryan Slate

45: Considered ‘Dead’ then went on to Create His Own Life with Jeremy Ryan Slate

This was one of my most enjoyable conversations I have had on my show. Jeremy Ryan Slate was considered dead by doctors but that didn’t stop him from creating a life of his own. Jeremy is the host of the ‘Create Your Own Life’ Show where he interviews other entrepreneurs to find out how they…

Matt Shoup

44: From $170,000 in Debt to $22Million Painting Walls with Matt Shoup

Matt Shoup has an incredible story. He went from being $170,000 in debt and getting fired from his job to building a multimillion dollar business painting walls!   He then retired at the age of 34 and then decided to go into public speaking, writing and coaching. Matt is also a father of two and…

Nathan Chan

43: Building a 6 Figure Digital Magazine from Scratch with Nathan Chan

Nathan Chan is the creator of Foundr a top rated digital magazine for young aspiring entrepreneurs. Some of the people Nathan has had featured include Sir Richard Branson, Tony Robbins, Tim Ferris, Arianna Huffington and Seth Godin among many others. He is also a fellow podcast host although I think my show is way better! 🙂…