90: Rise Above Your Emotions

My emotions were running wild again.

A fight was breaking out and I found myself in an all too familiar situation.

A battle of the mind with opposing thoughts wrestling each other in the ring.

Fear, Desire, Passion, Doubt, Pressure and Willpower were all going at each other.

The usual response was fight or flight.

Either get caught in the middle of it or run away. There was that familiar guy known as ‘Escape’ telling me to run and hide.

But then something interesting happened. A paradigm shift.

I paused and observed. I asked myself why I had to either fight or run. Why can’t I not just stay and observe?

So that’s what I did. And a magical thing happened. Nothing.

I took a step back outside of myself and became an unbiased observer.

It was powerfully liberating. I felt in total control because I let go.
I felt peaceful and wholesome because I tapped in to something Godly.

Have you ever experience something like this?

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