48: Guaranteed to Succeed

My son was out of control.

He refused to listen and created a whole scene in public.

The more my wife threatened him with punishments the more angry he got.

I decided to try something new.

I told him how incredible he was and how much I love him.

At first he mocked me and said I was lying.

But I persisted. “I really do think you’re amazing and wonderful”

I noticed a slight smile crack through his angry face.

“I love you no matter what you say or do.”

He tried to keep his angry face but it started to fade.

“I love your hugs. You give the best hugs in the world. Can I have a hug?”

The angry face melted away like ice melting in the hot sun.

He threw himself into my arms and I just held him for a while.

He then went and gave my wife a hug and said he was sorry.

Here’s the secret. Find the good in everyone.

It’s easy to see the bad but when we focus on the good we bring out the best.

It works with anyone. Because we all just want to be loved. We all just want to be accepted.

This also works when we catch ourselves doing something right. We are so hard on ourselves. Always looking for flaws and cracks. Doubting ourselves. Beating ourselves up.

When we focus on the bad we reveal more bad but when we focus on the good we reveal more good.

They say life has no guarantees.

I disagree.

If you practice focusing on the good you will bring out the best in everyone. Including yourself.

I guarantee it.

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