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Don’t be afraid to Express Yourself

Expressing who you are can sometimes be terrifying. Writing a post, doing a personal video on Youtube, Speaking in front of hundreds of people, asking a question in public, introducing yourself to someone new … it takes a little guts (sometimes a lot of guts).

You may feel vulnerable and scared. What will people think of me? What if it doesn’t come out right? What if they don’t like what i have to say? What if they don’t like ME?

Every entrepreneur faces this challenge. One way or another, the most successful entrepreneurs are the ones that face their fears of self-expression and put themselves out there.

When I recorded my first podcast episode I was paralyzingly scared. I came up with a thousand reasons not to publish it to ‘the world’. But I have learnt something extremely powerful. If I don’t get over my fears and DO IT ANYWAY I won’t achieve what I want. Fear is a natural feeling. It’s a gift for times when we must act with caution … but it’s just a feeling.

Feelings are not fact. The best way to break down your fears is to TAKE ACTION. Send that email. Get up on that stage. Make that phone call. Introduce yourself to that stranger. Write that book. Speak and you will be heard.

Talk to your fears and tell them that you are now in charge and you will not put up with their complaints anymore. Today find something that you have been putting off and do it. Don’t think about it. Just do it.

Smash your fears into tiny pieces so they fall to the ground and you become stronger. You are your worst enemy (perhaps your only real enemy) and once you get out of your own way you will become truly UNSTOPPABLE!

Now go express yourself!


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