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Do you Experiment?

In my first interview, “Featured on CNBC and Traded $1Billion” Daniel Abrahams talked about life being a string of experiments.

Making choices and decisions in your business or personal life is sometimes scary. We are naturally averse to change. We like what is familiar to us. The problem is that there is no growth in the status quo. In order to reach our highest potential we need to break through the barriers of fear, doubt, pain and other uncomfortable feelings.

Being ‘comfortable’ is a sign that we are not taking enough risks. By risks I don’t mean necessarily huge risks like selling your home to start a business (although I know quite a few people who have!) I’m talking about little risks on a daily basis. Testing your boundaries. Stepping out a little more from your comfort zone.

Thinking of it as experiments puts it into context. Most choices won’t kill you. Even if it fails miserably you still come out wiser and more experienced. That’s a value you can’t put a price on. The greatest asset you have is your time and there is no better way of spending your time than focusing on bettering yourself.

When I started my own business back in 2009 I left a very comfortable, secure position. It was a risk. And there was a price to pay. I am currently reading a life transforming and mind shifting book called “The New Entrepreneurz – Changing the way you play life” and one of the quotes I love is “There’s always a price to pay. The question is whether we’re paying it to fulfill our dreams or maintain our fears.”


What do YOU choose to pay for?
I know what I choose.
Go experiment!


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