83: Failing My Way to 8 Figures with Noah Kagan

Noah Kagan

  My guest today got fired from Facebook and lost $100 Million which is what his stock would have been worth today! He also lost $1.7 million worth of stock by walking away from his job at Mint.com I would say he’s probably lost more money than all the people I know combined. And yet…

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82: From Being Crushed to Crushing It with Cole Hatter

Cole Hatter

  My guest today went from putting out fires to putting out people’s fears Cole Hatter went from saving lives as a fireman to almost losing his own life in 2 tragic accidents. One of them left him in a wheelchair and took the life of his best friend. It was a turning point in…

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73: Dead for 90 mins: What I Learned From Dying with Cherie Aimee

Cherie Aimee

My guest today died 6 years ago. How’s that for an intro…. Well it’s true. She flatlined in her husband’s arms. Doctors couldn’t resuscitate her for over 90-minutes and it took a massive team of over 100 doctors and surgeons from around the world and $3 million dollars to save her life, as she shattered…

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40: 6 Steps to Rapidly Growing Your Network with Daniel Gefen

Grow your network

In this solo episode I talk about the power of networking and share 6 steps to building a successful network.   “Your Network is your Networth” Tweet This Resources & Links: My New Facebook Group – JOIN NOW IF YOU WANT TO GROW YOUR NETWORK!   Thank You for Listening! I would like to personally thank…

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05: Breakfast with the Founder of Apple with Hillel Fuld

How does an average tech blogger meetup for breakfast with the Co-Founder of Apple, get Gary Vaynerchuk to speak at his event for free (he usually charges $50,000!), make friends with a famous actress (find out who) and get raving reviews from the top tech publications? Today I had the privilege of picking the brains…

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