164: Laughing Your Way Back To Life with Les Brown

Les Brown

Hey, fellow brain pickers we are back!  And I’m excited to continue to bring you, incredible guests, where I go beyond the outside shiny appearances and dig deeper into what makes them so successful. Please subscribe so you don’t miss any future episodes and if you like the show I would be immensely grateful if…

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93: It’s Good to Cry

The simplest things in life are the most profound. Something as simple as learning to listen can be one of the most powerful gifts we can give to people (including ourselves). 

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65: Why I Walked Away from a Billion Dollar Company with Laura Coe

Laura Coe

  I want you close your eyes, (unless you’re driving in which case keep them wide open!) and picture yourself sitting on a sandy beach sipping on a cocktail looking out at the perfectly blue peaceful ocean. You are married to the person of your dreams. You have beautiful children. You are in great physical…

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