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145: How Gen Z Will Change Business Forever with Kathleen Hessert

I didn’t know what a Gen Z was before doing this interview. I thought it was a children’s cartoon program.

Turns out Gen Z is something we need to really pay attention to if we want to stay current and not risk becoming outdated.

Companies like Blockbuster became extinct because they didn’t take social and technological evolution seriously.

By 2020 40% of the population will be made up of the Gen Zs

What we discussed:

  • Why you need to pay close attention to the Gen Z population
  • How Kathleen got to work with P Diddy and the Pope at the same time
  • How to gain trust with Gen Zs
  • The difference between promotion and attraction
  • How to communicate to a new generation
  • How to create a powerful brand with raving fans
  • … and MUCH MORE
  • Interesting highlights:
  • Kathleen Launched shaquille o’neal on Twitter
  • The Gen Z population spends $44 Billion a year and influences $600 Billion

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