Aug. 4, 2017

99: The 5 Keys to Massive Scale with Yoav Adomi

99: The 5 Keys to Massive Scale with Yoav Adomi

My guest today is a lawyer by education but entrepreneur at heart, with over 12 years of experience in the web and mobile world.


Yoav Adomi has started multiple revolutionary companies including one of the first Live video solutions which became the market leader in the cellular content and services market (and this was before the smartphone was even created). Oh and he did this while he was still in law school!

Today he is the co founder of Swiftic -the world’s leading do-it-yourself mobile app solution, enabling small businesses to turn their customers’ smartphones into tools for driving revenue. It currently powers more than one million small business apps around the world!

Here’s a little rap I put together to help introduce him .. here goes …

He plays guitar, didn’t get very far. But in the world of tech he sets the bar.

Familiar with failing, didn’t stop prevailing and now he’s a master at scaling.
In the world of business it’s never plain sailing

From law education to App creation, based in startup nation, now he’s after … world domination.

So here’s a guy who aint no phony, he won’t talk Balloni, he’s the one and only, Yoav Adomi


What you will learn:

  • The 5 keys to scaling your company
  • How to know if an idea will make money
  • Why most investors will not fund solo entrepreneurs
  • Why your team needs to be invested in your company
  • How to scale through strategic partnerships
  • How creativity will help you scale up
  • The danger of scaling too fast
  • How to reach anyone (literally)
  • … and MUCH MORE

Interesting highlights:

  • Yoav developed the first live streaming software (before smartphones were invented!)
  • Yoav shares an incredible way to speak to the busiest people
  • Yoav has 1.5 million users for his app service company
  • Yoav created a strategic partnership with Google

Yoav’s #1 practical advice: 

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