July 27, 2017

97: How to Master the Art of Public Speaking with Dustin Mathews

97: How to Master the Art of Public Speaking with Dustin Mathews

Can one great presentation change your life?

Can it open the doors to wealth, influence and power?

Well my guest today doesn’t just believe it can. He knows it can.

Dustin Mathews has generated tens of millions of dollars through the power of presenting to the masses.

Right out of school, he helped take a company from $1M to $14M and rank #35 on Inc. Magazine’s Fastest Growing Private Companies.

He currently runs Speaking Empire, a disruptive company that helps you speak powerfully, close authentically and profit royally.

Dustin is also the author of a half dozen books and has recently co-authored his latest book with the legendary Dan Kennedy

To help introduce him I have put together a short rap …. Here goes …

Selling through the power of speech, is what he loves to teach.
Your financial goals he’ll help you reach

He wrote the New rules of the game, it’s kinda insane, stop being lame and trying to blame, take your first steps to fame

Climbing higher and higher through his Speaking Empire, he’ll set you on fire and ignite your desire.

Co-author with Dan-Kennedy, they-got-the-remedy, teaching you the money-making-melody

With his No B.S. Guide, you got nowhere to hide, oh whoops your excuses just died. So join him for the ride, Don’t be left on the side, the people that said you can’t, they all lied.

Now it’s time to choose, if you wanna-win-or-lose, he’s been in your shoes and his name is Dustin Mathews

What you will learn:

  • How to master the art of public speaking
  • How to overcome your fear of public speaking
  • Should you prepare or go off script
  • Why you need to become a public figure
  • Do you need to write a book
  • The art of authentic speaking
  • How to get more speaking gigs
  • How to sell on stage
  • Why your self brand is more important than you business brand
  • … and MUCH MORE

Interesting highlights:

  • Dustin went from being petrified of speaking to speaking to 100’s of thousands of people
  • Dustin shares why he published a newsletter called ‘Dirty Talk’
  • Dustin shares why public speaking will change your life

Dustin’s #1 practical advice: 

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