Jan. 26, 2017

59: How ‘Doing Nothing’ is the Solution to Everything with Damian Mark Smyth

59: How ‘Doing Nothing’ is the Solution to Everything with Damian Mark Smyth


Are you getting the very best out of your life?

Is your business or career exactly where you want it to be?
Do you get anxious and worry about what may or may not happen next?
Do you often struggle with change or find yourself procrastinating?
Do you feel like whatever solutions you come up with to your problems, feels like you’re putting a band-aid on a hemorrhage?!

Well my guest today is here to address those very questions …

Damian Mark Smyth went from being a slave to his crippling Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and overblown ego to becoming a free being. Free of worries, confusion, fear and many other negative thoughts that kept him in his self made prison.

So what does a man do once he has so much freedom? … Come up with the solution to world peace of course!

Damian is on a mission that some may say is impossible.
A mission impossible. (Step aside Tom Cruise …)

Damian has helped thousands of business owners wake up to their own potential by tapping into what he calls an “inside out reality”

He is also a transformational speaker and has taken up many stages, including the coveted Tedx platform

Damian is also the author of the critically acclaimed books “Do Nothing!” and “The Entrepreneur Success Formula” which discuss the thinking process behind successful behavior.

In his latest book Titled “The World Peace Equation” Damian lays out the simple formula which he believes will change humanity.


What you will learn:

  • How to do MORE by doing less
  • Why all of your problems are in your head
  • How to ‘cure’ addiction and mental illnesses (VERY controversial)
  • How to we can ultimately get to world peace
  • How to be free from all the stresses in your life
  • How to make the best decisions
  • How to access ‘The Zone’
  • Why you are already perfect
  • … and much more

Interesting highlights:

  • Damian has helped alcoholics and drug abusers kick the habit
  • Damian has ‘cured’ people with mental illnesses
  • Damian has helped thousands of businesses thrive by doing less

Damian’s #1 practical advice: 

Resources & Links:

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