Sept. 22, 2016

50: Matisyahu Bares His Soul

50: Matisyahu Bares His Soul

Grammy-Award -Nominated Reggae Artist Matisyahu bares his soul in this raw interview. He talks about the importance of self expression and not thinking too much about what people think of you. He also discusses the reasons why he decided to change his image and how he dealt with the negativity from his ‘fans’.

My favorite part was the last 10 mins where he goes into what goes through his mind as he steps onto the stage and why he closes his eyes for the first part of his performance.


What you will learn:

  • Why Matisyahu chose to shave his beard and sidelocks
  • Where Matisyahu gets his inspiration from to write his lyrics
  • The importance of being authentic and being free to express yourself
  • The best way to build a following
  • How to deal with negative people



Interesting highlights:

  • Matisyahu shares what goes on in his head when he’s on stage
  • Matisyahu shares what he thought about becoming famous before he reached fame
  • Matisyahu talks about how he dealt with the negative feedback from fans


Matisyahu’s #1 practical advice: 


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