Nov. 3, 2016

48: He Plans on Selling his Website for $1 Billion with Daniel Treisman

48: He Plans on Selling his Website for $1 Billion with Daniel Treisman

My guest today bought a website for $330,000 and plans on selling it for a Billion Dollars!

Daniel Treisman is the owner of an internationally recognized news website read by more than 25 million unique visitors each month.
He has around 200 remote employees working for him around the world.
Daniel is also involved in other ventures including Guru Media,, DreamSmoke, Healthpro among many others

And get this … he manages all this whilst being a father to 8 children!


What you will learn:

  • How to generate tons of leads with affiliate marketing
  • How much you can earn as an online affiliate
  • Why building a network so crucial to success in business
  • How to use highly targeted online ads to grow your business
  • Why giving to charity is the real secret to success


Interesting highlights:

  • Daniel bought a website for $330,000 which he plans on selling for a Billion Dollars!
  • One of Daniel’s websites has over 25 million hits a month
  • Daniel was named the #1 online affiliate generating $100,000 a day in revenue!


Daniel’s #1 practical advice: 

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