Sept. 19, 2016

45: Considered ‘Dead’ then went on to Create His Own Life with Jeremy Ryan Slate

45: Considered ‘Dead’ then went on to Create His Own Life with Jeremy Ryan Slate

This was one of my most enjoyable conversations I have had on my show. Jeremy Ryan Slate was considered dead by doctors but that didn’t stop him from creating a life of his own.

Jeremy is the host of the ‘Create Your Own Life’ Show where he interviews other entrepreneurs to find out how they became successful in business and in life. Kinda like this show only not as good  

He is also one of the most in shape people I know and you can see him bare his muscular body on Facebook if you are so inclined.


What you will learn:

  • How muscle memory works in the world of business
  • Working hard today so you can work less in the future
  • The importance of seeing the ‘messages’ life sends you
  • The importance of choosing the right friends
  • How to build entrepreneurial muscles
  • The power of building momentum
  • How to deal with tough times
  • How to stop making excuses



Interesting highlights:

  • Jeremy had his head down toilets in school
  • Jeremy shares how his mom becoming permanently disabled changed his life
  • Jeremy was considered ‘dead’ and then went on to create a life worth living


Jeremy’s #1 practical advice: 

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