Sept. 5, 2016

43: Building a 6 Figure Digital Magazine from Scratch with Nathan Chan

43: Building a 6 Figure Digital Magazine from Scratch with Nathan Chan

Nathan Chan is the creator of Foundr a top rated digital magazine for young aspiring entrepreneurs. Some of the people Nathan has had featured include Sir Richard Branson, Tony Robbins, Tim Ferris, Arianna Huffington and Seth Godin among many others.

He is also a fellow podcast host although I think my show is way better!


What you will learn:

  • How to build trust for your brand
  • How to build a subscription based business
  • How to charge for content when there is so much free content out there
  • Why recurring revenue is the way of the future
  • How to connect with the most influencial people

Interesting highlights:

  • Nathan shares how he got an interview with Sir Richard Branson
  • Nathan has a total of 1 Million followers a month

Resources & Links:

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