Aug. 12, 2016

39: From Living on Food Stamps to Fortunes with Aaron Janx

39: From Living on Food Stamps to Fortunes with Aaron Janx

My guest today has gone from living on food stamps to living like a rockstar!

Aaron Janx went from working as an errand boy to becoming the top sales guy in a fortune 500 company and then went on to building himself a property investment portfolio and then went broke.

In this episode he talks about how he had lunch with Zig Ziglar, one of the most famous sales trainers of his time, and learnt that attitude is the #1 reason you are rich or poor.

Aaron also shares what it takes to be a super saleman (even if you are an introvert)  and why knowing how to sell is the #1 skill a person needs to have in order to be successful in business.


What you will learn:

  • Why your attitude is the #1 reason you are either rich or poor
  • How to sell anything to anyone (even if you are an introvert)
  • How to get out of a negative mindset
  • How to use ‘framing’ to influence others

Interesting highlights:

  • Aaron had lunch with the king of sales Zig Ziglar
  • Aaron went from errand boy to regional director of a fortune 500 company
  • Aaron earned $130,000 in profit on one property deal
  • Aaron went from living like a rockstar to living on food stamps


Aaron’s #1 practical advice: 

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