July 4, 2016

35: How to turn Handicaps into Opportunities with Nadia Finer

35: How to turn Handicaps into Opportunities with Nadia Finer

When I asked my guest today how old she was she said "I'm 8"

Nadia Finer has an interesting characteristic that would hold most people back from succeeding in life and business yet she has faced her adversities and isn't afraid to conquer her fears head on.

Her mission through her online membership groups, podcast and one to one coaching is to help women with little voices become proud, confident and successful business owners.

Nadia is the host of a podcast called Little Voices, Big Business.



What you will learn:

  • How you can turn handicaps into opportunities
  • Why it's important not to take things too personal in business
  •  Nadia built several failed businesses out of anger
  • Why it's so important to learn how to listen
  • The struggles of working from home

Interesting highlights:

  • Nadia was told she should be a cartoon character
  • Nadia had her 7 year old son on her podcast how
  • Nadia was screwed over by her business partner

Find out how I found out that Nadia straightened her hair 6 years ago ... send me an email: Daniel@DanielGefen.com


Nadia's #1 practical advice: 

Resources & Links:

Get in touch with Nadia: Nadia@NadiaFiner.com


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