June 3, 2016

27: Built his 1st Computer at the age of 7 and then Started a Fire with Oren Barzilai

27: Built his 1st Computer at the age of 7 and then Started a Fire with Oren Barzilai

My guest today built his first computer when he was just 7 years old (before the days of  internet and YouTube)! He also created one of the first ever apps (on a NOKIA phone!)

Oren Barzilai was previously the co-founder of a company called Tapingo a mobile food ordering app for the busy world.

He is now the Founder of Start A Fire – a revolutionary online tool that helps you Grow and expand your audience by recommending your content within any link you share.
His company has been featured in Forbes as one of 24 Israeli Companies You Should Follow


What you will learn:

  • Why  it’s so important to do something you are passionate about
  • Is university a waste of time
  • Why timing is everything
  • The importance of choosing the right target market for your product
  • The 1st question you should ask yourself when starting a business
  • 40% of traffic to most websites is coming from social media
  • How to execute well and build a great team

Interesting highlights:

  • Oren started building computers and wrote software at the ripe old age of 7!
  • Oren got his first job at the age of 13
  • Oren created one of the first apps (for a NOKIA!)
  • Oren raised $3.5 million in funding


Oren’s #1 practical advice: 

Resources & Links:

Get in touch with Oren on Twitter – @orenbarzilai

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