May 9, 2016

23: This 26 yr old Millionaire Spends 6 hrs a Day Doing What?! with Nathan Latka

23: This 26 yr old Millionaire Spends 6 hrs a Day Doing What?! with Nathan Latka

You won’t believe what this 26 yr old self-made millionaire spends 6 hours of his day doing …

Nathan Latka is the Founder of Heyo, a company that has helped thousands of businesses get more leads through smart social media campaigns and was recently acquired by one of it’s competitors.

Nathan is the host of one of the most successful business podcasts called “The Top” where he has interviewed highly successful entrepreneurs ranging from small startups to Billionaires.

He has been featured on major media platforms including Forbes, INC, Inside Facebook, The wall street Journal, USA Today amongst others

He is also a highly engaging public speaker, a social media BEAST and he claims to run on Nuclear Power!


What you will learn:

  • How to become super confident
  • How to take advantage of real time events
  • How to become more like Warren Buffett
  • Why successful people have less thing to do
  • Why saying no to more things will help you become more productive
  • How to leverage other people’s resources to sell 10x more product
  • How to use creative techniques to get people’s attention
  • How to get your audience hooked on what you have to say
  • The importance of becoming irreplaceable

Interesting highlights:

  • Nathan made $73, 000 from his dorm room but then had to refund it all
  • Nathan sold $4.5 million worth of products on webinars
  • Nathan’s company was earning $5 million in yearly revenue before he sold it to his competitor
  • Nathan’s podcast show has reached 1 Million downloads!
  • Nathan plans on buying up every radio station in the US


Nathan’s #1 practical advice: 

Resources & Links:

 Text ‘Nathan’ to 33444 and he will send you his 2012 tax return (you’ll be shocked)

Get in touch with Nathan on Twitter – @NathanLatka

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