May 2, 2016

22: Do What You Love and Join The New Revolution with Christie Mims

22: Do What You Love and Join The New Revolution with Christie Mims

Do you love what you do? There is no better time to find your passion.

In this episode I pick the brains of Christie Mims, the founder and CEO of The Revolutionary Club which was selected by Forbes as a Top 100 website for your career

She’s built her community to over 30,000 and has been featured in Forbes, Yahoo, Lifehacker, The US News among many others.


What you will learn:

  • How to overcome your nerves and gain confidence
  • How changing your body language can win people over
  • Why it’s crucial to figure out where your clients are hanging out
  • Why you should not be on every social media platform
  • What to do if you hate what you do
  • How to get your first 1000 followers
  • How you can get featured in Forbes
  • How to become a better networker

Interesting highlights:

  • How Christie grew her following to over 30,000
  • Christie talks about how it felt to be featured on US News
  • Christie’s #1 advice on balancing your life (it’s so simple!)
  • Christie shares one of her epic failures


Christie’s #1 practical advice: 

Resources & Links:

Get in touch with Christie on Twitter – @RevolutionsClub

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