April 13, 2016

17: Linkedin’s #10 Top Influencer: Getting to your first $1Million with Sramana Mitra

17: Linkedin’s #10 Top Influencer: Getting to your first $1Million with Sramana Mitra


Out of 400 million people on Linkedin my guest today has been ranked the #10 top influencer! 

Sramana Mitra is the founder of One Million by One Million, the first global virtual accelerator, headquartered in Silicon Valley. Which aims to nurture a million entrepreneurs to reach a million dollars each in annual revenue and beyond, thereby creating a trillion dollars and ten million jobs.

She has been featured in FORBES, INC, TIME, The Harvard Business Review, TECHCRUNCH and many other media outlets.

Sramana is also an author of several books on entrepreneurship and has been named LinkedIn’s #10 Top Influencer


What you will learn:

  • How to reach your first million dollars
  • The importance of following top influencers
  • Why Linkedin is such a powerful platform for businesses
  • Why you should be writing quality content and syndicating it
  • What the most successful posts on Linked have in common
  • Why it’s crucial to gain clarity through doing a self assessment
  • How to stand out from all the noise on social media
  • Why you should be focusing on getting clients before you get investment
  • Why you don’t need to quit your job to start a business


Interesting highlights:

  • Sramana lived in a home with 50 people in India
  • Sramana founded her first company whilst graduating from MIT
  • Sramana has had columns in Forbes, HBO and many other
  • Sramana has written over 500 articles on Linkedin
  • Sramana has written and published 13 books


Sramana’s #1 practical advice: 

Resources & Links:

Get in touch with Sramana on Twitter – @sramana

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