Dec. 3, 2018

146: Mental Roadblock Removal with Erin Pheil

146: Mental Roadblock Removal with Erin Pheil

Have you ever felt like things are never quite right? that you can never achieve enough? Like things are never really ok?

Well my guest today calls those mental roadblocks and she has discovered a way to remove them. Permanently.

Erin Pheil had the outward appearance of a successful life,, awards, speaking engagements, a beautiful home in the mountains on a river, an agency generating millions of dollars. And yet inside she felt like a fraud, inadequate, and unsuccessful.  


These mental barriers completely held her back from ever deeply enjoying a truly rich life.


She had tried therapy, Self development, journaling, pills, willpower, meditation among other things. Nothing seemed to work. Until finally she stumbled upon a system that completely ELIMINATED the majority of mental roadblocks holding her back.


Today she helps other high achievers get out of their own way.

What we discussed:

  • How to remove any mental roadblock. Permanently
  • Why therapists are a waste of time (and money)
  • The difference between mindset and belief
  • How to achieve more through elimination
  • Dealing with the war in your head
  • … and MUCH MORE
  • Interesting highlights:
  • I go under mental surgery
  • I challenge Erin on her very bold claims

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