March 11, 2016

13: From Cheerleader to Financial Planner with Roger Whitney

13: From Cheerleader to Financial Planner with Roger Whitney


Today I invite you on a journey to financial freedom. This is probably the most entertaining and unorthodox talk you'll hear about what is normally a very boring topic.

Roger is known best as the retirement answer man. He has walked the journey into retirement with countless individuals and families. Roger is a partner at WWK Wealth Advisers and he also has his own online radio show called The Retirement Answer Man.

What you will learn:

  • How do you live intentionally
  • How do you best communicate finances with your spouse
  • How retirement planning is like being an endurance athlete
  • The power of having lot's of little conversations
  • How to set short term goals with long term aspirations
  • How to build a financial plan that suits your lifestyle
  • Discover the secret to a successful marriage
  • Are having degrees really valuable in today's world
  • How to live for today but also take care of tomorrow
  • The idea of having 'mini retirements'
  • How to set SMART goals
  • The 3 best investments you can make
  • How failing will help you become more successful


Interesting highlights:

  • Roger was a high school wrestler and cheerleader (yes you read that right!)
  • Roger never wants to have a big conversation with his wife
  • What does PBP stand for
  • Find out what my financial plan is

Roger's #1 practical advice: 


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