March 2, 2016

11: How to Build a Successful Business with Zero Advertising with David Gantshar

11: How to Build a Successful Business with Zero Advertising with David Gantshar


Would't it be great if you could build a business without spending any money on advertising? Sound too good to be true?

My guest in this episode is proof that you can!

David Gatshar is the founder of Merraine group - the nation’s largest healthcare contingency search firm which is one of the twenty-five largest healthcare search firms in America. Serving over 500 hospitals and medical centers. And they have never advertised!

David is also the founder of Shepherd Search Group - a conglomerate of eight different recruitment brands across three continents serving more than fifteen industries with clients in over twenty countries!

What you will learn:

  • How to grow your business with no advertising
  • Why fear and hunger can motivate you to become successful
  • How perseverance, honesty and charm will make you a sales superstar
  • Why creating great customer experience is so crucial in business
  • Why building a great team is key to building a successful business
  • Why you don't need to be intelligent to become a successful entrepreneur
  •  How to balance being nice and gaining respect
  • How to motivate people to refer business to you
  • What is the difference between advertising and marketing
  • How to go from being an average player to becoming the top in your industry


Interesting highlights:

  • David started his first business at the age of 9!
  • David ran the largest pet service business in the city of Boston before he became a teenager
  • David played a role in helping a company go from $500 Million to $7 Billion
  • David started a cleaning service at the age of 13 whilst his parents were getting a divorce
  • David hired his mother as a cleaner
  • David started a flower company whilst in College

David's #1 practical advice: 


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